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Does the 2013 Federal Budget help the economy?

As presumed by most political commentators, the 2013 Federal Budget is likely to be Treasurer Wayne Swan’s sixth and last. It is also a political budget, more-so than an economic one.  While Prime Minister Gillard is looking to leave some sort of legacy, in particular through the National Disability Scheme (NDIS), the real questions raised by the budget are: how will the Coalition respond and do the numbers really mean anything? When you sift through the spin and the positive projections there Read more [...]

Gillard wants to tax your super but she will retire to a $8million tax free equivalent Super by Jamie Mcintyre

Recently the key players of the Labor Party Prime Minister Gillard and Treasurer Wayne Swan contemplated the preposterous idea of taxing withdrawals on superannuation for people aged over 60. Fortunately, other members of the party recognised the ludicrousness of the proposition resulting in Ms Gillard taking back her words and ruling out the tax. According to a report in the Australian Financial Review Ms Gillard came under pressure from the super industry, savers and former Labor ministers Read more [...]

Is it time for Gillard to resign?

The start of 2013 has seen a teary eyed Julia Gillard who bade farewell to Senate leader Chris Evans and Attorney-General Nicola Roxon on Saturday as they both announced their exits from politics later this year. The shock resignations come just three days after Ms Gillard announced the election would be on September 14. Manager of Opposition Business Christopher Pyne says it has been a “horror” start to the year for Prime Minister. While both outgoing ministers said they were making Read more [...]

A Fast News Day Means No-One Gets Heard

It's a Sheraton smorgasbord and I can't decide on what to devour for fear of leaving no room for something better. So I'll just pick at lots of little things. • Gillard's glasses: I thought initially they were hiding an eye tuck, but not certain. Anyway she had the same glasses for reading her speech at the Press Club as she had for inspecting the floods. Mmmm, that tends to imply they are not prescription, just for show... the feminist executive look maybe. • The election date: She Read more [...]

Thomson arrest proves the need for a new 21st Century Political System

Suspended Labor MP Craig Thomson has been arrested by NSW police. He is being charged for fraud offences with 150 fraud charges. In response to the arrest, entrepreneur, media proprietor and self-made millionaire Jamie McIntyre who is an advocate of a new 21st Century Political system commended the police for not being intimidated by the mafia like unions in Australia. The arrest stems from an ongoing police investigation regarding Mr Thomson’s misuse of Health services union funds for Read more [...]

Is Labor now a political joke?

Thursday, 21st March witnessed a comedy of errors that just turned out to be much ado about nothing. However, the Labor Party did manage to taint its reputation even further. Read more [...]

Former federal attorney-general McClelland to quit politics

Former federal attorney-general Robert McClelland yesterday announced his decision to step down from his current seat in the Parliament and not seek re-election for his Sydney seat of Barton. His departure from federal politics marks the end to a 17 year old career as the Sydney electorate of Barton. An active supporter of Rudd, McClelland served as attorney general from 2007 until the coup against Rudd that brought Julia Gillard into power. McClelland was replaced by Nicola Roxon and demoted Read more [...]

When the Left Left the AWU Scandal Alone

Original Article by Larry Pickering Serial pest of the extreme Left, strident ALP supporter and regular ABC contributor, John Pilger, runs a magazine fittingly called "Green Left".  So it was surprising to see that he was well aware of the AWU scandal in 1995, albeit totally unaware of a Ms Julia Gillard or her role. His magazine reported in 1996 that the US company Fluor Daniel had contracts worth more than $7 billion, including a partnership with BHP in the Escondida copper mine in Read more [...]

No states if we started again says Gillard

Julia Gillard reckons if Australia's founding fathers had their time over they would have done away with the states, even if it meant sending footy fans mad. The prime minister says she has days when she sits in her office and thinks life would be easier if she didn't have to negotiate with state governments. "The truth is if you were starting again from a blank page ... I don't think you'd create the one (system of government) that we've got now with three tiers - local, state and federal," Read more [...]

Is the government being dodgy about the mining tax?

The federal government is resisting pressure to reveal how much it is receiving from the minerals resource rent tax. The 30 per cent tax on the super profits of coal and iron ore miners was forecast to raise $2 billion in 2012/13. Industry sources say the big three miners - BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto and Xstrata - don't expect to make any payments for the December quarter, repeating the outcome in the September quarter when they made no payments. The coalition is demanding the government clarify Read more [...]

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