“Delivering an abundant, prosperous 21st Century economy, for all Australians to fairly share in the massive wealth our large continent nation can provide”.

 For the last 15 years I have travelled around Australia, both city and country, as an educator and author speaking to Australians and encouraging them to develop a real life modern day 21st Century Education, one I believe that we all need to excel and prosper in today’s rapidly changing world and one we all should have received at school but didn’t. Over 550,000 people from over 17 different countries have been inspired by the teachings of a 21st Century Education and the large majority of them being the most passionate and committed Australians we have.

This has enabled me to not only learn a lot about what Australians want, but to gain a tremendous insight into the human potential we all have to do better. I have also learnt what is possible to achieve, when we combine a “directed mind, the right mindset and psychology; access to common sense, intelligent, practical and innovative strategies, modelled from those who have produced results, not just theory” – and how it can transform peoples finances and ultimately their life.

Collectively, such an education and supportive environment can transform an entire country as well, if it was to be made available to more committed Australians. I have seen people time and time again thanks to the power of the right education, environment and mentorship achieve so much more than they ever thought possible. Many of these individuals in Australia in particular have gone on to even more successful careers; many have started businesses and employed fellow Australians or become successful investors and provided funding for companies to grow and/or houses for Australians to live in. They have increased their efficiencies and productivity, contributed more to society by adding value, have become more fulfilled in life and have become more ideal citizens, with both healthier and more prosperous futures. A future so many more Australians could share in.

A wise man once said, “The first step to creating change is awareness.” It is the correct education, mentorship and environment that not only creates the awareness to change but supports the implementation of change to live a more prosperous, abundant and fulfilled future. Not only does this work with individuals, companies and organisations but it can transform an entire nation if made readily available nation wide.

It is my vision (and that of 21st Century Australia Political Party) to assist in the transformation of Australia into a more abundant and prosperous nation for every single Australian and to bring it truly into the 21st Century by providing an economically successful environment that encourages, inspires and supports all Australians to perform at higher levels; thus adding even more value to our society and great country.

I firmly believe in compassionate capitalism and having a strong social conscience. With passion, dedication and awareness combined with strong leadership that has vision, strength and courage to create change, Australia can and will achieve its full potential as the best nation on earth, becoming a world leader in many fields and endeavours.

Australia is truly a blessed and ‘lucky’ country however we should not rest on our laurels and take what we have for granted. Change is required and often before election time new political parties are often seen as a dime a dozen.

What sets 21st Century Australia apart?

For one we take this as a lifetime challenge; the beginning of a 10-20 year and beyond project to help Australia achieve its full potential. 21st Century Australia Party (21CAP) is more than just another political party.

It is a movement about changing our entire 19th Century, heavily out-dated, industrialisation era, education system and redesigning it into a modern day, 21st Century, Education System. It is a movement also about changing our heavily out-dated 19th Century political system; a movement to redesign and bring our political system into the 21st Century to return the power to the hands of many disillusioned voters.

It’s time to let go of our past and move into a new future. 

“Take the lessons from our past and use this wisdom to create a better future”

By changing our education and political systems for the better we will ensure Australia achieves its full potential and an outcome that will benefit every single Australian. This is at a time when Australians are frustrated, even annoyed and dismayed at our current political system; many say ‘political circus’.

This is at a time when our political system is so flawed it can be easily hijacked by minority groups with their own greedy self-interest ahead of the best interest of our nation. Such selfish interests are costing us dearly. This is at a time when our political system is so flawed it requires compulsory voting to get Australians to vote, generally for one of two major political parties, whether Australians particularly like either party leader or not despite being a so-called democracy.

This is at a time when our political system is so flawed our elected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd was removed by “faceless union men” who then instilled a leader that the clear majority of Australians did not choose nor want. This system where a Prime Minister can’t be “recalled” despite the large majority of voters being dissatisfied with her performance and wanting her to resign, but no such option is available until an election is due;  a political system whereby voters are denied the right to vote on major policy directly, (and this is despite the voting technology systems being available to allow accurate online voting which could prevent politicians voting against our wishes). A political system whereby a political leader can say no to a carbon tax to win votes but when in office lie and then introduce a carbon tax; a segregated system instead of one national framework that could deliver better services for a fraction of the costs and quickly save billions; a state political system that creates replication and duplication of health, education, transport and infrastructure across six states and 2 territories designed more than two hundred years ago.

A system that allows politicians with little or no business, financial or executive management experience (only 13 out of 226 current MP’s have such experience) to manipulate $360 billion of taxpayers money each year, spending taxpayers hard earned dollars, for the most part, without checks and balances, (often in local electorates just to win votes),  quickly run up hundreds of billions in debt and then justify it by saying we aren’t as bad as the “basket case” European economies.

An independent board for good reason sets interest rates, however we don’t insist on Government spending being put in the hands of an independent board, with the best and brightest business and finance brains to oversee it, in order to protect tax payers money. Therefore by default we allow this money at times to be abused and exploited for self-interested political purposes.

We have a system that enables corrupt unions to operate above the law and extort billions of dollars off Australian tax payers. Also by inflating construction prices and arranging illegal kickbacks these unions gain company funds unethically. Such funds are used to place party members in power, all the way to the top of Government.  This effectively steals our democracy and abuses our political system; a system when it was created, failed to see how unions could one day learn how to manipulate it to serve their self-interested agendas and corrupt our democracy from within.

A system that despite being a so-called democracy within a successful capitalistic society allows extreme socialistic and communistic thinkers, even in Government, to attack the wealth creators of this country thus creating a false class warfare in order to manipulate desperately needed votes.

We live with a system that allows a government that seemingly detests and attacks the business community; despite the businesses, small and large, within this community being the creators of wealth and providers of employment for Australians to share in; a government that stifles and obstructs the very progress of our great nation at every possible turn to shore up their own selfish agendas.

We need to change the 19th Century education system and it isn’t enough to simply become a teacher or even to start a school. Both can make a difference however on their own aren’t enough. We must change the entire curriculum and entire education system to be effective long-term; keep what works and start fresh with everything else.

Similarly just changing bits and pieces of the current out-dated 19th Century political system, isn’t good enough either. We must change the entire system to create sustainable long-term change.

The 21st Century Australia Political Party is about changing our out-dated political and educational systems; to bring Australia truly into the 21st Century; to create more prosperity and abundance within our great nation for all to share in.

It’s about the change so many Australians have been hoping for. Many have thought that it may never happen or have felt powerless to know exactly how to create such a change. With the advent of social media and new technologies a change is possible for voters to unite against our decaying, corrupted and out-dated political system. Those who have the most to lose will attempt to stop this change as it erodes their self-interested power base

Is it not a change worth fighting for?

If enough Australians are willing to take a united stand, we will return the power to voters. Voters will get to vote on major policy, voters will get to recall poorly performing Prime Ministers and voters will have a legitimate third party choice. No longer will a politician be able to lie to the electorate and go against the majority of voters wishes, as voters will decide on major policy – not party aligned politicians.

The 21st Century Australia Party (21CAP) will remove government spending from the hands of politicians and have them safe guarded by an independent board ensuring tax payers hard work and taxes are protected and wastage eliminated saving billions per month. With such savings government can deliver increased services and maintain a budget thus creating a surplus and paying back the $260 billion in debt our current government has created.

We will create from the ground up a new, modern day, 21st Century Education System for our schools. 

In education and awareness lies the very solution to all of our problems. True Education, not just academia, is the key to prosperity.

We will return fiscal responsibility to Government, so that never again can governments break the social contract that says: ‘Australians are happy to work hard and pay taxes, provided the Government uses such taxes efficiently and effectively and does not waste such money. The government must,treat taxes as if they were coming from their own back pocket and not waste them like a drunken sailor.’

We will see the corrupt unions stopped from taking advantage of Australian workers and deceiving workers into believing that ‘business is the enemy’. We believe increased business profits are the key to pay rises and increased employment, as it is a win-win situation and not a war against a made up enemy.

We will ensure businesses proactively look after their workers’ needs as their employees are their greatest asset. We will see unions having to pay tax and brought under the same corporations law as companies are. This will ensure that they are treated equally and fairly under the law and held to account if found to be involved in misconduct. Honest union officials will have nothing to fear and welcome such inquiries; whereas the guilty ones will no doubt oppose such change.

We will see the removal of senseless red tape, over-regulation and bureaucracy that stifles, impedes and prevents business achieving increased profits and thus benefiting all Australians.

We will ensure Australian workers’ rights are always protected and they get to benefit from the increase in Australian corporate wealth by encouraging better training and willingness to add more value to employers, and in return share in the benefits of wealth creation.

We will focus on wealth creation for all Australians willing to work hard and apply themselves as opposed to the flawed ideologies of wealth distribution.. We will learn to appreciate the contribution that our most successful entrepreneurs make to our country and encourage their continued success and provide the economy and environment for them to do so whilst equally recognising the contribution made by workers.

We will learn how to combine environmental interests for a sustainable future with industry and economic interests and focus on win-wins, and not wage war against opposing views. We want a healthy environment and a healthy economy.

We will ask questions of our current debt-based monetary system and seek greater transparency and debate on future models that can achieve greater sustainability.

We will reform our overly complex and ineffective tax systems and prove lower taxes can increase productivity and increase the total tax income.

We will encourage new economic zones to stimulate growth.

We will learn from our indigenous culture about sustainability and how we can apply those lessons to our civilisation, and how we can properly recognise and value indigenous contributions to our society.

We will support and encourage migrants to adapt to the Australian culture and to recognise the many benefits migrants have brought to this country, and to utilise migrants to fill our labour supply shortfalls when Australian workers can’t meet them.

We will lower taxes and increase services by being innovative, intelligent, strategic and by adopting private sector mentalities in Government Departments and organisations to boost productivity and efficiencies.

We will encourage Australians to save for their retirement and to become self-sufficient and to take active responsibility for their life and for governments to leave superannuation alone.

We will give low income earners a help-up by the removal of taxes for earners below $22,500 pa and the removal of contribution tax on superannuation for low income earners.

We will use more incentives, not more welfare to assist low income earners to empower themselves to enjoy a better life by providing a hand up not a hand out.

We will ensure those who can’t look after themselves, the most vulnerable in our communities are looked after in a way a compassionate society should.

We will encourage the wealthiest Australians to give more to charity and contribute even more to Australia by acknowledging and commending the largest tax payers for their valued contributions and assist them in even greater success and contribution.

We will listen to what Australians want and ensure all Australians have a voice and say in how to make this great country even greater.

We will recognise the contribution of the elderly and tap into their wisdom and better support them in their retirement.

We will encourage engaged, committed and passionate voters who feel they can influence policy.

We will have voter-initiated policies.

We will support regional Australia and recognise its valuable contribution to our nation and ensure regional Australia benefits equally from the increased abundance of our nation.

We will smartly invest in key infrastructure ahead of time, not behind time, in large nation building projects.

We will encourage the development of Northern Australia and encourage contributions from our most successful entrepreneurs, and not see them as the enemy.

We will unite Australians of all backgrounds to work together to make a 21st Century Australia vision a reality.

We will, with your help, change this nation. Your country needs you. Will you take a stand?


Jamie McIntyre, March 2013